What is important to you? - Council Plan Consultation

Why are we doing this?: 

The Council has a plan that sets out what we want to achieve to make Wrexham a better place. Every year the Council refreshes this plan. We want the plan to be right, so we want to hear from local people.

The Council is facing ongoing budgets cuts and we are working hard to ensure the services we continue to provide whilst making savings are effective and efficient.  Your views will help us decide where we should focus our efforts and resources across the Council Plan.  The financial challenge means it is inevitable that the range and level of services we offer will reduce. What you tell us here will also help us identify where we can continue to save money in the years to come.

What do we want to know?: We want to find out what is important to you…
-        What do you want to see more of in Wrexham?
-        What do you want to see less of?
-        What do you want to start happening?
-        What do you want to stop happening?
What we found out: 

The survey received just under 1000 responses.  People also gave us their views on social media, at a consultation event, and through specific consultations with young people and people with protected characteristics. Thank you for taking the time to give us your views, the 'Key Findings' report below outlines the results of this consultation.

What difference has it made?: 

A really important part of any consultation is feeding back to the participants about what has happened since they gave their opinions and what effect their views have had.  This process of feedback is about being able to show where views expressed have directly impacted on proposals, and also explaining when there are times we could not do everything suggested by the public, and explaining why. The ‘You Said, We Did’ report below highlights how the findings of the ‘What is important to you?’ consultation have informed the Council Plan for 2016/17. 

Consultation start date 14 January 2016
Consultation end date 15 February 2016


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