Affordable fire and rescue services for North Wales

Why are we doing this?: 

Public consultation.

What do we want to know?: 

This public consultation is about fire and rescue services in North Wales.  As in previous years North Wales Fire and Rescue Authority has drafted some improvement objectives that it will be trying to achieve from April 2017 onwards, but before it formally adopts those objectives it is inviting anyone with an interest to submit their views for consideration. Details of how you can respond are given on page 14. 

With money for running public services in short supply the Authority faces increasingly difficult decisions about the services it provides now and in future.

The Authority has an excellent record of managing its money and has continued to deliver prevention, protection and response services to high standards despite significant cost-cutting. 

The Authority has also been demonstrating that prevention really is better than cure – far fewer people suffer from fires in North Wales these days precisely because of the Authority’s commitment to educating and supporting people to keep themselves safe. 

However, that success is not enough. By law the Authority must keep trying to improve its services in the short term as well as considering the wellbeing of future generations of people in North Wales. Moreover, it has to consider the costs involved – there would be little point in planning a service that is going to be unaffordable.

As an Authority for the whole of North Wales its concern is for the whole area and the whole population. Do you think it is making the right choices? Is there anything that it hasn’t considered that you think would make a difference?  

Consultation start date 19 September 2016
Consultation end date 12 December 2016


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