Perceptions of Safety - Wrexham 2016

Why are we doing this?: 

Partnership Delivery Board Three (PDB3) brings agencies together with the over-arching aim of "Making Wrexham a place that’s safe and where everyone feels included”.

Whilst the multi-agency work undertaken by PDB3 is initially  informed by plans published by the North Wales Safer Communities Board and the North Wales Police & Crime Commissioner, we realise that local people are best placed to tell us whether we have got our priorities right.

By responding to this survey, you will help PDB3 to:   

  • Appraise our effectiveness 
  • Assess whether our multi-agency work is addressing the things that make local people feel unsafe
  • Identify where we can make the biggest strides towards achieving our aim
What do we want to know?: 

We want to know:

  • If you feel safe within Wrexham County Borough
  • About the things that make you feel unsafe
  • What is most likely to make to you feel safer
  • How prevalent crime and antisocial behaviour is where you live 
Consultation start date 28 November 2016
Consultation end date 03 April 2017


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Anna MillerPhone: 01978 292260