Wrexham Travel Behaviour Study

Why are we doing this?: 

Wrexham County Borough Council (WCBC) is looking to understand how people travel in Wrexham and the wider County Borough, in order to develop sustainable travel solutions and infrastructure plans for the future. It is designed to help inform the transport approach for the emerging Local Development Plan (LDP) and will form part of the evidence used.

What do we want to know?: 

We want to know how you currently travel to and from the Wrexham area, for work or leisure, what are the barriers to travel and whether you would consider changing the way you travel to make it more sustainable.  

If you would be interested in providing your views on how you travel to work, school or for leisure, please return to the menu page and choose a relevant survey. There is also a specific survey looking at rail use across the County Borough.

Consultation start date 19 June 2017
Consultation end date 30 October 2017


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LL11 1AR
Rachel Penman