Shaping the Future of Wrexham Library Service

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Why are we doing this?: 

We know that the demands of our customers are changing and that there are many residents who don’t use our library services because they do not meet their needs.


The need to ensure that we are providing the things that our residents want, at the time that they want, has prompted us to undertake a comprehensive review our library services.


It is also timely for us to review the library services given the need for the Council to make further budget savings and changes to the way we deliver library services could improve efficiency and deliver savings.


In the Autumn of 2018 we asked the public whether you would want us to make some changes to the way we deliver library services in one or two areas of the County Borough or whether we should carry out a full review of library services across the whole of the County Borough. Our objective being, to ensure we meet the needs of local residents and to ensure our services are affordable for the future.  Over 58% of you supported a full review whilst only 13% supported changes in just one or two areas with the remaining participants in the survey having no preference.


What do we want to know?: 

We know that we cannot continue to deliver the library services as they are today and we want to hear from you about your ideas on how the service should be delivered in the future. We have some ideas about the way this could be done and through this consultation, we want your feedback about those ideas and any other suggestions you have.  


The big challenge we have is to widen access to our libraries whilst making some much-needed budget savings which the Council has to make.


Please now click on our Shaping the Future document below which explains our plans. At the end of the document is a link to our consultation survey which is your opportunity to give us your views on our proposals.



Start date30 September 2019
End date01 December 2019
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LL11 1AR
Mr Raymond Smith 
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