Budget Consultation 2021/22

Why are we doing this?: 

Consulting on our plans to reshape Council services to meet the financial challenge and the budget proposals for 2021/22.

What do we want to know?: 

Budget proposals will be guided by our agreed six Council priorities which are:

  • Promoting Good Health and Wellbeing
  • Developing the Economy
  • Improving Secondary Education
  • Ensuring Everyone is Safe
  • Improving the Environment
  • Ensuring a Modern and Resilient Council

These six priorities were previously consulted upon in June/July 2019 as part of the consultation for the Council Plan 2020-22. In addition, areas of focus for the Council Priorities were consulted upon in February/March 2020 as part of the consultation for the Council Plan 2020-23. Results of the consultation showed general support for the priorities, with scores for importance of more than six for all of them.

Budget proposals will contribute to our overarching improvement plan (the Council Plan) and the six priority outcome areas. The priorities will guide our financial decisions, where appropriate and relevant.

In the first phase of the consultation process (during November-December 2020), we asked about any suggestions that you may have in order to meet the financial challenge we face in 2021-22. Now that the Welsh Government has published the provisional settlement and provisional budget for 2021-22, in this second phase of the consultation process (January 2021), we want to know whether you have any comments on the approach the Council is taking.

Consultation start date 30 November 2020
Consultation end date 05 February 2021


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Elaine Smith