Draft Statement of Licensing Policy

Why are we doing this?: 

In accordance with legislation, and guidance issued by the Secretary of State under Section 182 of the Act, the Licensing Authority is now required to determine its Policy for a further five years and publish a statement of that policy. 

Once published the Statement of Licensing Policy shall (subject to any further reviews and consultation) be in force for a further period of five years. However the document can be revised before this time as the policy is a live document which is subject to continuous review to meet the changing needs of the community, business circumstances and legislation.



What do we want to know?: 

We are seeking the views of citizens and stakeholders on the Draft Statement of Licensing Policy by no later than 05 September, 2021.

Please forward your feedback and comments to:  licensingservice@wrexham.gov.uk

Should you wish to provide feedback in an alternative format, please email your request or contact the Licensing Team on 01978 298990.

Consultation start date 09 August 2021
Consultation end date 05 September 2021


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