Vexatious and/or Unreasonably Persistent Complainants Policy

Why are we doing this?: 

We are updating our 'Vexatious and/or Unreasonably Persistent Complainants Policy' and would like to hear your opinions on this.

The term 'vexatious' means that someone is causing frustration or annoyance. In this case, it is to the Council by not accepting the outcome of their complaint investigation or following the correct procedures. Whilst this is only a small minority of the people we deal with, it is important to have a policy in place to deal with them so that they do not start to affect our ability to provide a service to other people.

We are also updating our 'Corporate & Statutory Complaints Policy', which we would like your feedback on as this states the complaints procedures that we follow.

The policies will be supported by leaflets and web information, which will provide an overview and summary of the complaints procedures.

What do we want to know?: We would like to hear your views about how easy this policy is to understand and what you think about the procedure for how we would deal with someone who is being difficult when making a complaint.
What we found out: 

Whilst the numbers of responses were fairly low, we appreciated people taking the time to provide their feedback, most of which was positive.

Each response was considered and, where appropriate, used to amend elements of the policy. The consultation information was included with the report which was presented to the Executive Board. On 10 November 2015, the board approved the policy and the final version of the document has been uploaded to the Council website.

What difference has it made?: The Council now has a fully update, fit for purpose policy which has been subject to a consultation with the relevant stakeholders.
The new policy can be found at
Consultation start date 04 September 2015
Consultation end date 04 October 2015


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