Customer Care Standards

Why are we doing this?: As part of the Council's work to make our processes and policies as effective as possible, we are looking for resident's views and opinions to inform on our Customer Care Standards.
What do we want to know?: Whilst as a Council we strive to deliver the highest levels of customer service standards, we also have to recognise the changing landscape of Local Government and the impact of significant budget cuts on Council's such as Wrexham to deliver services in the future.

We would appreciate your views and opinions as we prepare our revised standards.
What we found out: 

Traditionally standards have been about speed, either to answer the telephone or ensure that customers are not waiting excessively for drop-in visits to have their query resolved.

Results from the survey have indicated that customers believe that the service we deliver should not prioritise speed over quality of service. Our proposed standards reflect messages such as:-

“As long as the initial letter response states the timescale for a full response I would have no issues in waiting 30 days. At least I would know the response would be correct and not rushed.”

“Customer care is not just about speed but also about quality. I would expect all responses to be courteous whether in person or written communication and by a member of staff that has a knowledge and understanding of the issues and the authority to take any action that may be required. This may require the issue to be passed on to a more senior member of staff but I would expect to be informed if this was going to result in any delay to a resolution.”

What difference has it made?: 

The new standards reflect a growing desire to better reflect the Council’s vision to be “an organisation that provides consistent, high quality customer services which adds value to the customer and to the Council”.

The revised standards have a focus on outcomes and performance as opposed to solely speed in isolation and recognise changing customer behaviours with a greater emphasis on digital access.

The revised standards are proposed as realistic and considered achievable in the current environment of budget savings. The proposed standards are seen as improving on current good practice and increased desirability to achieve a ‘right first time’ culture to promote a high regard and trust in the Council.

These standards will be available for customers to view early in the new year.

Consultation start date 09 September 2015
Consultation end date 04 October 2015


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