Arts and Creative Industries Space

Why are we doing this?: 

Oriel Wrecsam is the premier venue for Contemporary Arts in North East Wales and the home of Creative Wrexham. Some years ago, it was identified that Oriel Wrecsam had outgrown its established home and that new premises were needed in order to ensure that the emerging arts scene in the town centre could be supported.
In 2014, following extensive work and research and an options appraisal,the elected Members of Wrexham Council agreed that the preferred location for the new Arts and Creative Industries Space would be the current People's Market. Following this decision, Oriel Wrecsam relocated to temporary accommodation on Chester Street at no 11. The gallery also took over the lease to 12 Chester Street for workspace.

In 2015, the Arts Council of Wales agreed to fund both an architectural practice to provide detailed design for the People's Market for the Arts and Creative Industries Space. At the same time, and to work in partnership with the architectural practice, business planning for Oriel Wrecsam was commissioned in order to ensure that the new space can be sustainable.

What do we want to know?: In 2015, during the design process for Oriel Wrecsam, and taking into consideration the need for the Arts and Creative Industries Space to be sustainable if it progresses, all the partners engaged in the project need to make sure that there is a strong communications strategy; that there is wide engagement with the public, partners, stakeholders, market traders and business communities; that everybody recognises the benefits to Wrexham of increasing dwell time and footfall in the town centre and of attracting more visitors.
What we found out: See results document below
Consultation start date 28 September 2015
Consultation end date 10 October 2015


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