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You Said, We Did

Difficult Decisions 2019/20

Wrexham Council has a track record of making cuts - £33.8m in the last five years...
28 Nov 2018

Difficult Decisions 2018-20

Local Councils have less money to spend on services because Government (UK and Wales) a...
30 Nov 2017

Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan 2017, Consultation

Wrexham County Borough Council is reviewing its Public Rights of Way Improvement Plan (...
18 Sep 2017

Dog Control and Dog Fouling Proposed Public Spaces Protection Notice (PSPO)

Wrexham Council currently has 3 dog control orders which cover the entire County Boroug...
11 Nov 2016

Difficult Decisions 2017/18

Local authorities continue to face reductions in funding from Central Government, which...
27 Oct 2016