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View more details for consultation The Wrexham We Want The Wrexham We Want Wrexham Public Services Board 22 May 2017 03 Jul 2017
Why are we doing this?

We’re working on a plan that will shape the present and future of Wrexham County Borough. It’ll impact on your life. Your children’s. Even your grandchildren’s.

So we need to get it right.

We’re in the early stages, but before we go any further we need to make sure we understand what’s important to Wrexham. The challenges and issues. The things that affect us and the things we care about.

That’s why we need your help.

What do we want to know?

We want people who live and work in Wrexham to look at the issues we’ve identified, and tell us if they’re the things that really matter.

Did we hear you right?

Our understanding is based on some work we did in autumn 2016.

We asked everyone a really simple question: “what do you want Wrexham to be?” 

We also asked what might get in the way of it happening. And what public services and communities need to do to make it happen.

The answers people gave us have been combined with other feedback and information to produce Wrexham’s Well-Being Assessment.

We’ll use this to develop a plan for Wrexham County Borough that will set out how everyone will work together to create ‘The Wrexham We Want.’

But before we start planning, we want to make sure we’ve pin-pointed the big issues and challenges that people really care about.

The Future Generations Act

There are lots of plans. Does Wrexham really need another one?

Well, yes. The Wrexham We Want is about creating a place where we all want to live – both now, and in the future. 

Along with the rest of the UK, we’re facing some big challenges in Wales. Things like poverty, economic issues, an aging population and climate change.

So the Well-Being of Future Generations Act is a new law that aims get public services and communities working together to tackle these challenges and improve the long-term future of Wales. 

It covers things like employment, the environment, health, equalities, communities, culture, Welsh language, and our impact around the world.

Making it happen

Wrexham Public Services Board (Wrexham PSB) is the driving force behind this plan.

We’re a partnership made up of lots of organisations that provide services across the County Borough.

For example the Council, health services, fire and rescue services, Natural Resources Wales, the police, probation services, Glyndŵr University and Coleg Cambria, AVOW and Welsh Government.

We want to work with local people to develop this long-term plan for Wrexham, and help put the Future Generations Act into practice.

But it’s not an ‘ask once and walk-away’ exercise. We’ve asked for your views. Now we’re asking you to check we’ve got the right end of the stick.

Have we identified Wrexham’s big issues, challenges, strengths and weaknesses?

Did we hear you right? Is there anything we need to change? Is there anything missing?

Your voice matters.

The consultation starts on Monday 16th January and the closing date for responses is Monday 27th February 2016.

For further information about the consultation please visit the Public Service Board website -

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