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Why are we doing this?: 

Contact Wrexham is delivered through a single location in Wrexham Town Centre and provides a face to face drop in and appointment service for services such as Blue Badges, Bus Passes, Council Tax, Housing Benefit, Planning, Street Scene issues and Wrexham Family Information Service.

Contact Wrexham also provides a payment kiosk to allow customers to make payments to the Council and access to computers  with support in getting on line. 

Over the past few years the numbers of customers using Contact Wrexham for services and making payments has fallen as more customers choose to use the Councils digital on line service My Account and make payments through Direct Debits. 

We understand however, that face to face services are important for those customers uncomfortable with on line services and for those more complex enquiries where a face to face interview is usually better.

The lease on the Lord Street Building will expire in the next few years and this presents an opportunity for us to consider how best to deliver face to face services in the future.

The Council is also currently reviewing its use of Libraries across the County Borough which may present an opportunity for Contact Wrexham to be based in various Libraries, Resource Centres or a mix across the Community.  

What do we want to know?: 

Through this consultation we would like to hear from you about your ideas and views on how the services in Contact Wrexham should be delivered in the future and whether you want us to build upon the community based services, retain one central point of contact in Wrexham Town Centre, or a mixture of both.



Start date30 September 2019
End date31 October 2019
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LL11 1AR
Huw Ap Dewi