Proposed increases to Private Hire Vehicle and Hackney Carriage Vehicle license fees

Why are we doing this?: 

Wrexham CBC is responsible for licensing approximately 500 hackney carriage and private hire vehicles every year. A vehicle license lasts for one year. The Council charges a fee for each licence issued. The fee covers the cost of testing the vehicle twice a year, processing the application and providing an enforcement service that monitors licensed vehicles to ensure they are safe and comply with all the conditions required by the Authority to make sure passengers are safe.

The Council operates a cost recovery policy which means that fees charged for licensing vehicles should reflect the actual cost of providing the service.  The cost of licensing vehicles has recently been reviewed in detail and revised fees have been proposed. The current fees and the proposed new fees are set out below. The proposed new fees are an increase over the current fees. The current fees were set in 2011 and have remained unchanged since then.

What do we want to know?: 

We want to hear from any interested party what you think about the new proposed fees and whether you think they are fair and reasonable, bearing in mind that the Licensing Authority must recover the full cost to the Authority of issuing licenses and ensuring compliance.

Consultation start date 01 March 2020
Consultation end date 31 March 2020


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