The Climate Emergency is one of the most important topics of our time and one which we must address quickly. The Welsh Government declared a Climate Emergency in Wales, thereby setting ambitious plans for the public sector to be carbon neutral by 2030.

The Council has also declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency which will target the decarbonisation of Council operations and promote the protection and enhancement of its natural environment.  Full Council approved a motion to develop a clear Decarbonisation Plan for the authority. The Plan will set an agenda and programme of works for creating a ‘carbon positive’ organisation.

The Covid pandemic has also highlighted the huge importance of our natural environment, and how critical it is that we work extremely hard to protect our landscapes, ecology and biodiversity.

Through declaring a Climate and Ecological Emergency the accompanying Decarbonisation Plan will focus on the following categories:-


Transport and Mobility

Land Use


The Council has committed to make Wrexham County Borough Council a net carbon free council by 2030. This is a target for Wrexham Council to deliver through the control of its direct buildings, transport use and procurement activities to deliver Welsh Government’s target.

Collaboration with Welsh Government, Welsh Local Authorities, other public bodies, and importantly the community is critical for the process of developing and delivering a Decarbonisation Plan.  We have to ensure a collaborative approach to attempt to address the current climate and ecological emergency.

We are asking you the community, for your feedback, ideas, discussion points that will ultimately feed into the creation and establishment of our Decarbonisation plan. We know that our work will centre on the 4 main categories highlighted, and we will give you a bit of background to each one. However;  we welcome your thoughts and ideas for each topic, and how we can create exciting and innovative projects,  that will not only support the aims and objectives of our plan, but also support the protection and enhancement of our natural environment for future generations.