The Council Plan is …

Our current Council Plan was first approved in 2017 and it contains four themes: Economy, People, Place and Organisation.  Under each of these themes there are a number of objectives (14 in total).  This Plan is reviewed annually and in late 2018 Elected Members discussed concerns that the Plan had become too broad for us to deliver with the shrinking budget which the Council has.  In response we have tried to define a clearer vision for each of our themes, reviewed our strategies, projects and other commitments and have now developed a smaller, more focused set of priorities to work on this year.  These are tightly defined with clear activities that will be the main focus of work for 2019/20, contributing to our priorities and other shared priorities agreed with partners through Wrexham’s Public Service Board. 

These six priorities are:


Tell us what you think

Whilst delivering these priorities in 2019/20, we are also already starting the next review of the Council Plan and so need your views on how this might look.  We are also thinking about how we can use these priorities to inform financial decisions (including where we might make cuts, and where we should be investing).  We are keen to hear your opinions of these priorities, to make sure that your views are taken into account as we work on future plans.

What happens next?

Once this consultation closes, the results will be analysed and findings presented to all Elected Members in September 2019.  These findings will help to develop the next Council Plan and will also help Elected Members to make informed decisions about future Council budgets.  The Council Plan will be presented to Council in May 2020 for approval.  We will ensure that we feedback to you the results of the consultation in the autumn.