Proposal to change the language medium Cynddelw CP, Glyn Ceiriog

Why are we doing this?: 

This consultation is an opportunity for staff, parents, stakeholders and the wider community to learn about the school organisation proposals put forward in your area.

Wrexham County Borough Council wishes to seek the views of interested parties regarding the proposal to change the language medium at Cynddelw Primary (CP) School from the September 2018.

This consultation document sets out information which consultees will need to consider to take part fully in the consultation process. The process follows regulatory guidance as set out in the School Organisation Code 2013.

What do we want to know?: 

The Council wishes to seek the views of all those with a likely interest in the proposal.  It is important that stakeholder views can be taken into account before decisions are made.

We are therefore consulting with the community, potential users and other relevant stakeholders. We will hold meetings for pupils, staff and governors at Cynddelw CP School on date tba, as it is these groups who are most likely to be directly affected. We will also use drop in information sessions for parents and any other interested parties on date tba, which will also be held at Cynddelw CP School.

Consultation start date 09 January 2017
Consultation end date 20 February 2017


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LL11 1AR
Dafydd Ifans