Knife Crime

Why are we doing this?: 

In 2019, members of UK Youth Parliament voted ‘Put an End to Knife Crime – too many young people’s lives are lost to knife crime, the government need to do more to help end the knife crime epidemic’ as their top issue for 2020. 

Therefore, in order to find out more about the issue of Knife Crime in Wrexham, the Member and Deputy Member of UK Youth Parliament for Wrexham, with support from the Senedd yr Ifanc, have created a short questionnaire to ask other young people their opinion. This questionnaire will take approx. 10 minutes to complete and has 18 questions.

The aim of the questionnaire is to give the Member and Deputy member of the UK Youth Parliament a clearer understanding of Knife Crime in Wrexham.

This questionnaire is completely anonymous; we would like you to answer the questions openly and honestly. You are able to pass any questions that you may not want to answer.

This questionnaire is aimed at young people who live, attend school or work in Wrexham and its surrounding communities.


Consultation start date 05 July 2020
Consultation end date 31 July 2020


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LL11 1AR
Tricia JonesPhone: 01978 317961