Have your say on the toilet provision available to the public in the Wrexham County Borough

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Why are we doing this?: 

Wrexham County Borough Council has a responsibility to assess the community’s toilet provision needs and to put a plan in place to address the findings.  For the purpose of this survey and strategy, the term toilet includes changing facilities for babies and changing places facilities for people with disabilities. These can be located in public buildings such as libraries and community centres, private buildings such as cafes and shops as well as public toilets maintained by the council. The council is seeking the views of residents, visitors to the County Borough and private enterprises.

What do we want to know?: 

The survey covers the below factors in relation to the populations views/needs;

  • an assessment of locations, including popular destinations;
  • an assessment of availability and accessibility, opening hours, usage charges, access for people with disabilities, Changing Places and baby changing facilities;
  • an assessment of the condition of existing facilities;
  • consideration of social factors such as, whether facilities are a target for abuse and anti-social behaviours or perceived to be in a dangerous location;
  • analysis of the reasoning behind usage or lack of use, including consideration of any feedback received;
  • identification of any current gaps in toilet provisions within the County Borough
Start date14 June 2019
End date16 July 2019
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LL11 1AR
Louise Peagramlouise.peagram@ wrexham.gov.uk 
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